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Language matters
For more, check out our SAMHC pocket guide on language & self care, hear! ‘Language informs so much of our perceptions and beliefs. In recent years, mental health professionals ... have worked hard to change the language around suicide. Removing the word “committed” and replacing it with “died by” is terminology that serves to remove the stigma.’ - Grief & Grits #MentalHealth #SuicideAwareness Kudos to Grief & Grits:
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Language matters
For more, check out our SAMHC pocket guide on language & self care


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-Took their own life- is the wording I use at my presentations.

I wrote a paper on this topic

The definition of suicide is the act of intentionally killing oneself. I feel a positive power in the words 'commit suicide'. It infers there is an individual power to choose not to kill oneself and seek life despite the black dog nipping at the heels. When you say 'died by suicide' I feel a sense of helplessness. It seems more accurate to say 'died of depression' which itself is the illness. This isnt to stigmatize those who commit to the act of ending ones life, it only serves to show how serious the pain of their depression is, no matter the cause.

So true

A rose by any other name.

Suicide is a death as a result of mental illness. You die from cancer. You die from depression.

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The SA Mental Health Commission is not a mental health service provider and does not have a formal role in individual complaints or concerns about services. These matters will be referred to the appropriate agency such as the Health and Community Services Complaints Commissioner SA or the Office of the Chief Psychiatrist.